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Privacy Phone Case

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Keep your things private 

This phone case will help you to never worry about others seeing embarrassing pictures of you again. It hides photos from your friends, family and even yourself!

While this product is perfect for those looking to maintain their privacy, it is also for those who enjoy being able to use their phones in crowded places.




1  No More Strangers Looking at your phone

2  Your nosy friends can't see your screen

3  You Get Your Privacy Back

4  Reducing The chances Of Your Phone Cracking







Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Herman Ryan

I’ve had this case for about 2 days now. And it’s great so far. Magnets hold strong but still easy enough to get off if you have to. Privacy screen works well, sometimes a little to well that I can’t see the time like I’m used to. The blue color is more of a light steel blue rather that royal like I thought. And it is a little slick, you definitely need a pop socket or a finger/hand strap for the back of the phone. Neither “issue” is a huge deal. Overall this case feels like the best case I’ve had in a long time.

Rogelio Schaden

It’s really amazing😍😍 it doesn’t let anyone see your screen but you!! ❤️❤️❤️ I love it!!

Caterina Treutel

When I placed my order for this iPhone case I wasn't sure if the actual product would be as good as the description but I'm very happy to say that it exceeded my expectations! The price is great for the quality of the item and it's functionality is outstanding - it's extremely easy to install on the phone and it gives great damage protection if the phone is ever dropped. It also gives great visual protection with it's "anti-peep" feature, keeping the screen content hidden from others. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering it.

Guillermo Fisher

I love that the case is all in one it is slim not bulky and I always use a privacy protector the case has one built in this is what impress me.

Anastacio Boyle

Received my order and it was super easy to put on! Love the privacy and the design! I hate bulky cases so this case is perfect for me!